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The Startup Hustle bootcamp will build entrepreneurial skills that will support you in the discovery and growth of your entrepreneurial journey. By enrolling in this program you will get access to methodology, assignments, guest speakers, and mentor connections that will stretch your ideas with insights that can lead to remarkable breakthroughs.

This experience will be delivered with flexibility for your busy schedule in mind: part online through a learning portal, and part in-person through weekly featured speaker events and community building.

Check out the details and Q&A below and email us at if you have questions.

Join us and create something great.

How it Works

Each week, you can expect on-line learning sessions, in person speaker events, worksheets, and insights.  Anytime, anywhere learning lets you control the timing of your work, while in person sessions build community connections.  Assignments will culminate in an optional demo night event where you can pitch your business to the community.  Check out the program details below.

Week 1: Get Your Startup Hustle Off to a Great Start

You’ll learn how successful startup entrepreneurs approach the rigorous demands of business building.  We’ll talk about business models and provide tips about focus areas in your startup journey.  This is your first chance to learn a couple of tools that will help you understand customers and how to stretch for better ideas.

Week 2: Knowing your Customer

Understanding your customers puts you in a strong startup position.  You will be focusing on gathering actionable intelligence about customers, including interviews and observation. You’ll work on talking to 10 qualified customers.

Week 3: Possibilities

You’ll learn about customer-solution pairs and how to create maps of strategic design targets.  This is another place where you can stretch your thinking and perhaps come up with super ideas that propel your business forward.

Week 4: Declaring Your Business

It’s clarity time!  By now you have a good idea about your customers function and emotional needs.  You’ve  diligently explored business possibilities.  Here is your opportunity to commit to your business’s value proposition.  It’s also the place where you build out the framework of how this new entity will function.

Week 5: Five-Minute Pitch Night

It’s time to make that important first pitch.  We will coach you through the 5-minute pitch format and give you a chance to make a great impression.  All of the work that you have done up to now is used in making this pitch a success.  The top ten pitches will have the chance to make a final pitch in week 8, although all entrepreneurs have the opportunity to refine their business models.

Week 6: Deep Dives and Mentors

We have some great exercises that help you understand friction, competition, and building out the rest of your business model.   This is also the time for the top ten pitches will be paired up with their mentor for the rest of the boot camp.

Week 7: Finish your Business Model, Prepare to Pitch

Learn how to pitch your business model to investors in a meaningful way.  At the week 8 pitch, you want to confidently present your business model, so this week is the wrap up of your hard work.

Week 8: Pitching to Investors and Key Stakeholders

It’s  time to pitch and get useful feedback about your business model.  You are ready to go!  The top ten pitches will be in front of friendly “sharks” who ask questions, make constructive comments, and assess the viability of your business model.  All of the participants can learn from this useful exercise, it’s a great way to wrap up the Startup Hustle!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This program will assist anyone looking to develop core entrepreneurial skills that will make remarkable impacts on your endeavors.   Whether you’re launching from the idea phase, or have existing prototype developed, this program will provide tremendous insights to help you on your journey.  In addition to anyone in the general public, student teams are encouraged to participate.

What can I expect?

Building a business is a little science, a little art, and a lot of focused determination. We want you doing your best work and learning important approaches to building your business. This is not a sit-and-get model of learning.   It’s practical and interactive.  We’ve combined on-line work, weekly workshops, and real life case studies to give you a better opportunity to bring your business to life.  There’s a lot to do, so expect a busy eight weeks that brings clarity to the science, a sense for the art, and support for the determined business builder (that’s you!).

How will Startup Hustle help me?

You will learn to:

  • Stretch your thinking.
  • Use a business-building framework…a roadmap and wheels.
  • Trust your customer to give you clues about your business.
  • Give and receive important critiques from friends.
  • Find clarity in your business idea.
  • Connect with mentors
  • Recognize the importance of your work.

How will the program content be delivered?

The program experience will be delivered in the following ways:

  • Online learning management portal (videos, worksheets, discussion board)
  • Online live video lectures will be held on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm.
  • In person guest speaker events and community building will be held on Thursdays at either our Midtown or Rocklin facility
  • Tailored mentor matchmaking will occur around week 6
  • Demo night for top teams

What is the time requirement?

To reach the full potential of the program, each team member should budget  around 15 hours per week.  We will be recording the lectures, and the online portal will be accessible any time; so if you can’t make a session, you will be able to catch up.

How much does it cost?

This program is free for Hacker Lab members and Sierra College students.  The fee for non-members is $149 which will be collected after you’ve been accepted.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that entrepreneurs are the driving force that shape our culture, economy, and environment.   By inspiring and equipping people to take the entrepreneurial leap, we will seed innovation and create an extraordinary impact in our world.

Additional questions?

Email us at

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